Why Your Business Should Get Canvas Bags As Corporate Gifts

28th July 2020
Canvas Bags Printing, Non Woven Bags Printing

One of the biggest challenges facing brand managers is choosing the right corporate gifts to get the most exposure.

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Corporate Red Packets For Clients

14th July 2020
Red Packet Printing, Custom Tote Bags

Red packets originated in China, where gifting them was meant to ward off evil spirits. Today, they serve as a symbol of prosperity and good luck, and they are often given out on celebratory occasions like weddings or birthdays.


Think Outside The Box: The Importance Of Product Packaging

30th June 2020
Custom Box Packaging, Gift Boxes Singapore

Most businesses overlook the aspect of product packaging, with some regarding it as something minor. But just like the cherry on top, product packaging is what enriches your product and has an influencing role in the consumer decision-making process during retail or online.


From Idea To Print: 3 Ways Of Tote Bag Customisation

16th June 2020
Canvas Tote Bag Singapore, Red Packet Printing

Canvas tote bags in Singapore are perfect for promoting your branding and sales message, or as party favours for any events.


5 Reasons Why Gift Box Packaging Elevates Your Brand

2nd June 2020
Gift Boxes Singapore, Red Packets Singapore

If you want to portray your company as innovative, creative and trendy, then it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. That’s right; we’re talking about gift boxes!


Bag Your Items In Style With These 4 Trendy Tote Bag Ideas

22nd May 2020
Custom Drawstring Bags, Paper Bag Supplier

In the pursuit of spreading the word about your company, how many stickers, badges or pens have you purchased? Probably, many. Despite having good intentions, those trinkets are most likely long forgotten.


Printing On Paper Bags: The 4 Different Techniques

5th May 2020
Recycle Bags Printing, Paper Bag Printing

These days, many brands and businesses are looking towards paper bags for their stylish look and conservative efforts. After all, paper bags go by another name, recycle bags, for being 100% recyclable.

However, back then, they were just plain, paper bags which didn’t really do much in promoting one’s brand.


Non Woven Bags: Why Your Business Should Consider Them

21st April 2020
Canvas Tote Bag Singapore

Bags are of prime importance in our daily lives - be it for work, school, shopping, groceries, and many other essentials. Without one, the struggle to carry all the items with just two bare hands will be unreal, literally.

Which is why a bag’s durability, strength, and lifetime are all crucial factors in determining a bag’s ability in aiding our basic needs. However, these days - those aren’t the only aspects people are looking into. (more…)

7 Packaging Design Trends Businesses Should Follow In 2020

9th April 2020
Gift Boxes Singapore, Cotton Bag Printing

2020 is set to make several transitions in the design niche, with packaging being one of the sectors to benefit. In this new decade, we all expect to see new designs and trends, and, cannot wait longer for them to hit the limelight.

A product with an excellent packaging design will have a butterfly effect - one product alone can initiate Instagrammers to post on their feed, share with friends and peers about the unique design, or even be noticed by a renowned celebrity or a distinguished news or blog site.


4 Ways To Take Your Product Packaging To The Next Level

27th March 2020

Whether you’re a brand manager or overseeing the production department; what matters the most is the bottom line.

Many different aspects of the business have a part to play when it all comes down to profit - be it marketing methods, efficiency in the warehouse or customer service. Likewise, how useful and popular your product will be in the market will have a significant impact.