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Standard Calendar

Let us introduce to you a little on the Anatomy of a Calendar

Calenday Anatomy-01

Calendar Size: 17.5cm(W) x 22.5cm(W) | Full colour printing

Additional: Sticker page


Check out our available design template:

Step 1: Select your preferred layout format & theme

Calendar_Layout 1_Engineering-01

Calendar_Layout 2_Scenery-01

Calendar_Layout 3_Beauty-01

Calendar_Layout 4_Spa-01

Calendar_Layout 5_IT Solutions-01

Calendar_Layout 6_Watercolour-01

Calendar_Layout 7_Healthy Lifestyle-01

Calendar_Layout 8_Cafe-01

Calendar_Layout 9_Sports & Activities-01


Yearly Calendar

Most of the calendar has this page, either on the Inner Front Cover page or the Last page. It’s entirely your preference.

Step 2: Select a layout for the yearly calendar page

Yearly Calendar_Layout-01


Sticker Page

This is optional but nice to have as to mark your days all year round!

Step 3: Select a layout and design that you prefer for the stickers.


You are almost done!

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